IEEEAISymp17-H0: Opening Remarks by Program Chairs, Iole Moccagatta and Mojtaba Sharif Zadeh

IEEEAISymp17-H1: Adventures in High Dimensions, Jan Rabaey, UC Berkeley

IEEEAISymp17-S1: Deep Learning at AWS, Alex Smola, Amazon

IEEEAISymp17-H2: Mobile Innovation, AI at Edge, Karam Chatha, Qualcomm

IEEEAISymp17-S2: From Insights to Solutions, an Invitation to AI Journey, Jia Li, Google Cloud AI

IEEEAISymp17-H3: Building a Platform for Artificial Intelligence, Amir Khosrowshahi, Intel

IEEEAISymp17-S3: Learning with Limited Supervision, Stefano Ermon, Stanford

IEEEAISymp17-H4: Deep Learning Challenges for Salable, High Performance Computation, Allen Rush, AMD

IEEEAISymp17-S4: Powering Facebook Experiences at Scale with AI, Manohar Paluri, Facebook